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Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and Charles Robinson discuss the interesting scenarios surrounding the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy this season. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast – and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

D A particularly this year is one of the 100 things I’m most excited about because if it stinks that we’re gonna sit here and say, oh my God, what are the cowboys doing?

But even better if he’s an MVP this year, remembering they cannot franchise him, they cannot trade him if he’s an MVP this year.

Even if they come in and they offer him all of the gold and all of the lands he could be like, no, I gotta want to test the market.

I gotta wanna date a little bit.

He could still start swiping, right.

He can still see other people.

The fact that Dak Prescott can look at Jerry Jones and say no amount of cash.

Good, sir.

Will keep me off the market.

I want Dak to go to the eight to, to go to the Super Bowl.

I want Dak to win an MVP.

And then I want to look D I want Dak to look the cowboys squarely in the eyes and say no, I’m good.

I want to see other people before I commit to you just to see what happens and you have the whole Mike mccarthy contract.

I mean, this is Mike mccarthy’s last year of his deal and Bill Belichick’s out there and people are gonna keep bringing up Bill Belichick as being the guy who could walk into, um, this team and take over if things go badly.

And I would argue not only if things go badly, but if things go well and D leaves, I wonder if that is not still an inflection point for Jerry Jones to go.

Well, ok, we’re losing Dak.

We’re kind of rebooting a little bit here now that we don’t have a quarterback, we have to figure this out.

Maybe I bring in Bill anyway, is Dak staying and we’re swapping out the coach at this point.

Um, is that going and we’re swapping out the coach and the quarterback?

I mean, there’s a multitude of different things that could happen here and it all smells to me like a rebuild unless there’s a serious significant run this year.

What if Dak is Philip Rivers and the Cowboys or the Chargers under Philip Rivers?

Like what, what if that’s what they are?

What if there are a lot of talent and we look back, I mean, we look back at those Chargers teams and we go, oh my God, they were loaded like there were a lot of, a lot of years they were loaded and they just never got over the hump.

And we question what like this Philip Rivers, is he for sure?

Hall of famer.

I think he is.

But I, I understand the question, why it’s an argument.

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