Cristiano Ronaldo and Undertaker together for the first time at the Kingdom Arena for a soccer match

Only the Riyadh Season Cup could bring together two of the greatest stars in modern sports: Cristiano Ronaldo and the Undertaker. The WWE star made a surprise appearance in the final of the United Arab Emirates soccer tournament, leaving more than one jaw-dropping, including Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

In a staging with the drama that only WWE can provide and with a production worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, the “Deadman” was part of the ceremony before the championship game between the Al-Hilal and Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr.

With the stadium lights off, but with a full moon projected on the giant screen and laser lights drawing lattices all over the place, the audience was expectant, not knowing what was about to happen next.

Amid the uncertainty, the appearance of the Undertaker drew applause from the fans, who were ecstatic to see him walk along a carpet stretched just over the center line from one side of the stadium to the other.

At the end of his stroll, the stellar fighter found a pedestal covered by a black cloth. Upon removing the veil, Undertaker revealed the champion’s trophy and immediately, with the lights on, raised it to show it to the crowd, which burst into applause.

Cristiano Ronaldo was stunned

In the midst of the lavish spectacle, Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to hide his astonishment at seeing the “Deadman”, as documented by the multiple television cameras present at the scene.

Like a child in his first WWE card, the Portuguese star alternated his gaze between the Undertaker and his teammates to see who else shared his enthusiasm. However, the rest of the team seemed unable to take their eyes off the spectacle in front of them.

The appearance of the “Deadman” on the Kingdom Arena field is part of the partnership between WWE and the General Entertainment Authority, in charge of the six-month event called the Riyadh Season.

The season includes the soccer tournament, boxing and wrestling cards, concerts, and other cultural events.

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