Cowboys shoot down Najee Harris trade rumor

It started as a social media rumor and spread Monday morning after a Pittsburgh radio host mentioned it on air, conceding, “I don’t know if it’s the most credible thing.” That prompted several Cowboys‘ beat writers to contact team sources to confirm that the Cowboys have no interest in trading for Steelers running back Najee Harris.

They don’t. They never did.

Trading future draft capital for a running back in the last year of his contract does not fit the Cowboys’ short-term plan or long-term plans.

As much as Cowboys fans and some in the national media want to push a trade for a running back, Ezekiel Elliott is RB1 again in Dallas. The Cowboys have confidence he can lead a running back by committee. For now, anyway.

If they didn’t feel that way, they would have drafted one last week.

A trade of Harris makes no sense for the Steelers, either, considering he has three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons and is due a $2.439 million base salary and to count $4.151 million against the cap. The Steelers declined his fifth-year option, so Harris is scheduled for free agency in 2025.

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