Cole Kmet: You can see the progress Caleb Williams has made this offseason

Quarterback Caleb Williams hasn’t been a member of the Bears for very long, but it has been long enough for tight end Cole Kmet to see steps in the right direction.

Williams joined the Bears as the first overall pick in this year’s draft and he was immediately moved to the top of the depth chart, so the team is set to ride with him one way or another in the 2024. During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Kmet said that he thinks that is a good thing because he has already seen signs of improvement in his rookie teammate.

“He’s really just a normal dude,” Kmet said. “Really good kid. Ultra-competitive and you can see why he’s been so successful thus far in his football career and why he has those types of intangibles to succeed in the NFL. I’m really excited for him. He’s been putting in a lot of work and you can see the progress he was making throughout the OTA period.”

The Bears will be hoping that progress continues throughout the rest of the year and that it is just the start of an upward change in their franchise’s trajectory.

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