Cannibalism at the 2024 European Championship over a jersey: Woman bites Croatia fan

An unusual incident occurred during the 2024 European Championship after a group-stage match involving the Croatian team. German police have currently launched an investigation after a Croatian fan, Lenard Barisic, was bitten by a woman in a scuffle over a football jersey thrown by player Luke Ivanusec.

The altercation took place as Barisic anticipated catching Ivanusec’s jersey, which the player tossed into the crowd following Croatia‘s match against Italy.

The bizarre incident

Amid the chaos, a video capturing Barisic with two visible bite marks on his back circulated widely on social media, heightening the bizarre nature of the event.

According to the Instagram account @volimhrvatsu, Barisic successfully caught the jersey, but it was forcibly taken from him by three individuals. During the ensuing struggle, a woman bit Barisic on the shoulder, leaving him injured.

In response to the incident and the media coverage that followed, Ivanusec reached out directly to Barisic, expressing his regrets and offering him another Croatia jersey.

Ivanusec conveyed his apologies for the unfortunate aftermath of the match, hoping for Barisic’s swift recovery.

“Sorry for the situation after the match, I hope all is well,” Ivanusec wrote to the Croatian supporter.

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