Can Qwan’tez Stiggers star in the NFL without any college football experience?

Yahoo Sports senior NFL writer Jori Epstein highlights the touching story of New York Jets’ fifth-round draft pick Qwan’tez Stiggers and what his mindset is moving forward in the NFL.

Video Transcript

Three days before the 2024 NFL draft, Quantz Diggers stood ready at attention not for the draft where the Jets would take him with the last pick of the fifth round.

He was ready at attention at Blue Beacon truck wash, working his final shift to support his family.

Quant S is not your average NFL draftee.

And if you think that sounds cliche, let’s go to the numbers.

99.96% of NFL draftees played college football.

Kante is one of five players, two Americans and just one cornerback to earn a draft selection without playing college football.

Zero stars recruiting COVID-19.

The loss of his father and a battle with depression contributed arena league football and the Canadian League saved him.

Now he’s in the NFL.

But when I caught up with Quant at Jets headquarters, he was done focusing on how amazing his road here was.

He told me think two words now what the Jets have high hopes, defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich expects him to be able to contribute immediately with his skill set and his work ethic cornerbacks coach Tony Oden says, think of him as a piece of clay but really high grade play that’s easy to mold.

We’ve never seen a story like Quantas Figures before in the NFL and we will never see a story like his again.

But as you get to know this jet’s prospect, remember what he wants you to know.

Not only the crazy road he took to get here, but also the road he’s eyeing ahead.

What’s next for Quinte stickers.

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