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Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz, Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab discuss the expectations for the No. 1 overall pick entering his rookie season in Chicago. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast – and subscribe on , or wherever you listen.dra

Video Transcript

I’m just gonna talk about the guy who replaced Joseph Fields.

That’s Caleb Williams.

We’ve seen top pick quarterbacks come in and falter a little bit.

I’m not saying that he’s gonna be Bryce Young because Bryce Young was set up in such a bad situation.

Caleb is set up in such a good situation, but we see number one picks kind of stumble all the time.

I don’t think Caleb’s gonna be that guy but Bears fans have been waiting so long for a decent quarterback.

I’m not even talking about good.

He doesn’t need to be CJ Strout, he just needs to be decent and he’ll be the toast of the city.

Can he do that?

Especially year one?

We’re all looking at the situation and saying everything is set up for you.

He’s got Tien and Allen.

Now DJ Moore to me is a top 10 receiver just drafted Roma Dunes.

They got come, they just signed de deandre swift.

This team is set up for Caleb Williams to have a CJ Stroud type of season.

Can he do it?

Because these Bears fans have been waiting so long.

This is a team I’m gonna be picking to the playoffs.

I like them.

I like what they did late last season.

I like the addition of Caleb Williams here, but it’s no sure thing.

And I think all eyes are gonna be out Caleb because he’s just, he’s also one of those guys.

He’s just, uh, people are already, you know, with all the talk about, uh, oh, maybe I won’t go to the NFL next year.

I want to pick my team, whatever, all this controversy.

He’s already one of those polarizing guys.

So I’m just interested in the whole Kayla Williams experience.

I think it’s gonna be fascinating.

Yeah, I don’t, I don’t, uh the one thing I will say about Caleb in, in Chicago, like I, I look at Anthony Richardson in Indianapolis, right?

And Anthony Richardson only had a four game snapshot, but he did the one thing he needed to do for everyone to go.

Hey, yeah, fine season ending shoulder injury surgery.

But God, we love this dude and we can’t wait for year two.

He was exciting.

He might go five for 17.

But man, it’s gonna be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

I think Cale Williams has a lot of that in him.

Look, he’s gonna throw interceptions, he’s gonna do some stuff where you’re like, what the hell is he doing?

He might get clocked a couple of times because he’s doing things out of structure he shouldn’t be doing, but he’s gonna do a lot of exciting stuff, even if he has, let’s say, a middle road, normal rookie quarterback season right where it’s 5050 interceptions and touchdowns runs for a few, but showcases that arm and does a lot of wild, exciting stuff.

It’ll keep Bears fans, I think on the hook.

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