Brittany Mahomes triumphs as an investor in the NWSL

Brittany Mahomes is seeing significant returns on her investment as the NWSL expands and the KC Current grows in prominence.

According to a report, the team now generates over $10 million in revenue and boasts a valuation of $75 million.

Taylor Swift surprises Brittany and Patrick Mahomes at country music concertParker Johnson

Describing Mahomes‘ investment as shrewd might be an understatement. A former soccer player herself, she has a personal connection to the sport and a vested interest in the Kansas City area, where her husband, Patrick Mahomes, is the star quarterback for the Chiefs.

While the KC Current did not have an ideal season last year, they are well-positioned for future success. The team has a new stadium and has secured substantial sponsorships, including a notable deal with Bank of America. Meanwhile, interest in women’s sports and soccer continues to grow.

Mahomes’s idea to increase Current’s popularity

Patrick Mahomes, who is also a part-owner of the NWSL team, has suggested another strategy to boost their holdings’ value.

He mentioned that Taylor Swift, now a fellow Chiefs WAG, could be invited to visit the Current‘s stadium. Her presence could provide the team and the NWSL with substantial exposure and increased popularity.

“We might get her here at some point, she’s a busy woman and Travis is a busy guy,” he noted.

“So, maybe during season or something like that we’ll get her out to a Kansas City Current game. She loves supporting Kansas City just like we do and I’m sure Brittany can nudge her and get her here pretty easily.”

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