Brandon Aiyuk: If I’m not with Niners, I’d say probably Commanders or Steelers

The current expectation is that wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk will be playing for the 49ers in 2024, but he has thought about what other options might be in play.

Aiyuk met with the 49ers this week and a report said that the meeting ended with both sides saying they were not looking for a trade ahead of the season. Aiyuk hasn’t gotten a contract extension, though, and the continued absence of one means that things could still flare up again before we get to September.

During an appearance on The Pivot, Aiyuk said he doesn’t feel the two sides are particularly close to striking a deal at the moment and he was asked what uniforms he could see himself wearing in 2024.

“If I were to take a guess, probably a Niner uniform,” Aiyuk said. “Probably a Niner uniform. If not a Niners uniform, probably a Washington Commanders uniform. If not a Washington Commanders uniform, probably a Steelers uniform.”

The Steelers have previously been mentioned as a possible landing spot for Aiyuk and he was once college teammates with Commanders rookie quarterback Jaylen Daniels, but the fact the 49ers remain the likeliest choice should give nervous 49ers fans some solace about where the wideout will be this year.

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