Benzema, a blow for Saudi Arabia

Karim Benzema and the directors of Al-Ittihad are scheduled to meet on Wednesday in what looks set to be a definitive date to resolve the future of the French player, who, as MARCA reported, first failed to show up for his scheduled return to work and then asked to leave the club.

Despite only being in Saudi Arabia for six months, Benzema wants to return to Europe, something that his current club’s ownership has not given him permission to do at this time.

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A first meeting was held on Tuesday to try to reach an agreement, which at the moment seems far from easy to achieve, with the PR optics of such a star player leaving the league so quickly being incalculably negative.

Several European teams have already knocked on Benzema‘s door.

Since he did not show up for his team’s training camp, several European clubs have been knocking on his door, looking to sign him on loan.

Manchester United and Arsenal, along with Lyon, are the ones who are talking to the player’s entourage and even with the Saudi club, although it is understood that Manchester United face FFP challenges this winter.

They do not see the operation as easy, not least due to the stringent position of the Saudi club, but also the response they were given by the forward’s entourage in initial informal talks.

The main obstacle is not the money, since in any operation Benzema knows he will lose money.

The proposals he has received have nothing to do with what he signed with Al-Ittihad. The problem is that the Frenchman’s link with the Saudi club was to go beyond sporting matters, with various social and even religious agreements. The pride component plays a big part in this match.

Al-Ittihad ownership does not understand Benzema’s stance

The ownership of Al-Ittihad does not understand that the man who was going to be their reference point, six months after his arrival, wants to put an end to what was going to be an idyllic relationship between the striker and Saudi football.

For this reason, they are not facilitating his departure and still hope to turn around a situation that seems unfeasible, as Marcelo Gallardo is demonstrating by not counting on the Frenchman at all.

A resolution to a complicated case is expected throughout the day on Wednesday and it has meant a hard blow for the growth of the Arab country’s league, which counted on Neymar and Benzema as the second most important players after Cristiano Ronaldo, a true leader and a hundred percent professional since the day he arrived in Riyadh, more than a year ago.

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