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Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and NFL writer Charles McDonald debate whether the Bears are ready to take the NFC North title away from the Lions this season. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast – and subscribe on , or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

And Caleb Williams and the Bears challenge the Lions in the NFC North.

I think they can based on, they gave the Lions some tough games last season.

I look at this Bears team from last year, the defense was really, really good, especially after they, they locked in the Monte Sweat trade.

They were arguably the best defensive football for the final like nine or 10 weeks of the season.

Um And then, you know, Justin Fields was not the most consistent quarterback, but he at least showed, hey, if DJ Moore has someone who’s willing to fling the ball down the field, you can make some big plays there down the field.

DJ Moore had the best season in his career.

And now if you move on to this year, you have Cale Williams, you have Keenan Allen, you have Ramo Dunes, you have deandre swift.

The often divine is in a better place than it’s been in a long time.

If I was a Bears fan, I would be looking at this and say, why not us?

Why can’t we play spoiler to the Lions?

I know it will be tough, but here’s where I think that they can get them.

I think that Lions defense is very gettable.

They’ve kind of revamped things with Carlton Davis and Tyrion Arnold and uh Ennis Rakestraw at cornerback.

But bears, they have already been the best fighter, Steve re trio in the league and if Romo Dunes is even better than they’re projecting to be year one, that could be a really formidable group.

To me, it all really comes down to like, how ready is Caleb Williams if he’s ready to come in and take this leap and immediately be like a top 15 quarterback.

I kind of think the Bears can play spoiler in the division.

This is not gonna be the Bears.

We’re used to like they’re not gonna be sitting here winning ugly football games.

They’re gonna be putting up, you know, up upper 20 points a game and just really pressuring people to try and match that play for play.

II, I do think that the Bears have a chance to be very good.

I don’t, I don’t share your passion but I will say this like, I also don’t share your passion for the Packers.

I’m settling in on Lions.

One Bears, two Packers, three Vikings, four.

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