Al-Nassr and Cristiano Ronaldo hand title race advantage to Al-Hilal

Al-Nassr’s aspirations for the league title appear to have been dashed, following a tumultuous series of events culminating in a devastating defeat against Al-Raed.

Despite Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to league action, his efforts were ultimately futile in preventing his team’s downfall.

With only 11 rounds remaining in the championship, Al-Nassr’s chances of league glory seem increasingly bleak, especially with Al-Hilal lurking nine points ahead and with a game in hand.

How did Al-Nassr lose?

From the onset, Al-Raed seized control of the match, capitalizing on Al-Nassr’s uncertainties to secure an early lead through Karim El Berkaoui’s strike.

Despite Al-Nassr’s subsequent efforts, including Ronaldo’s near-miss against the post, Al-Raed maintained their composure, dealing another blow with Mohamed Fouzair’s goal early in the second half.

Ronaldo did his best to rally his team, including hitting the woodwork once again, but Al-Nassr faltered in their offensive endeavors. A poorly defended corner led to Amir Saayoud’s decisive goal, sealing Al-Raed’s victory and leaving Al-Nassr reeling.

With their third consecutive winless match across all competitions, Al-Nassr finds themselves in a dire situation, with their Champions League hopes also hanging by a thread.

The looming clash against Al-Ain further compounds their woes, marking a somber chapter in what can only be described as a crisis for the club.

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