Aaron Rodgers: You should trust me and I trust Nathaniel Hackett

The Jets reportedly looked at hiring a coach to run the offense over offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett this offseason before opting to stick with the status quo on that side of the ball.

Hackett said this week that he was aware of the team’s conversations with others, but that he feels he has the full confidence of head coach Robert Saleh as he moves into his second season with the club. Hackett can also count on the support of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

During an appearance with Adam Schein of Mad Dog Sports Radio, Rodgers was asked why Jets fans should trust that Hackett is able to run the offense effectively after failing to do so after Rodgers’s injury last season. Rodgers said that the answer to the question starts with his presence on the field.

“You should trust me and I trust Nathaniel,” Rodgers said. “So, to me, that’s end of story. There’s been a lot of BS that’s been said out there. There’s a lot of things that have gone on the last couple years that he’s dealt with that I think he’s handled very professionally. And at the end of the day, I think you gotta trust his and my working relationship and the conversations that we have. You gotta trust the staff.”

Rodgers went on to say that their partnership has “been fruitful in the past and it’s gonna be fruitful again” during the 2024 campaign. The Jets have put all of their chips on that bet so they’ll be hoping Rodgers is right about it being the correct move for the team.

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